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Are you protected with your Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance in the United States offers consumers protection with the different coverage types catered depending on what coverage the insured purchases.

Liability Insurance in the United States covers claims against the policy holder and generally, any other operator of the insureds vehicle, provided that they do not live at the same address as the policy holder and not specifically excluded on the policy. For those living at the same address, they must specifically be covered on the Auto Insurance policy. Liability insurance does not protect the policy holder sometimes if the holder operates vehicles other than their own. Non-owners policy on Auto Insurance is when a person drives a vehicle owned by another party; this may be offered to the insureds vehicle so any holder of the insured vehicle is covered under that policy. This coverage is applicable to those who drives/uses vehicles that they dont own because it is also required by the government for drivers who have been involved in such accidents and have been found to be their fault. General liability coverage does not extend when you rent a car. Comprehensive Auto Insurance policies (“Full Coverage”) applies to the rented vehicle, this should be verified beforehand. Among the factors of Full Coverage premiums are based on the value of the insureds automobile. Regarding Rental Cars this coverage may not apply because the insurance company does not want to have sole responsibility for a claim greater that the value of the insureds vehicle. Rental car companies have auto insurance to cover damages to the vehicle rented. These Auto Insurance policies may be unnecessary for many customers as credit card companies, such as Visa and MasterCard, nowadays provides supplemental collision damage coverage to rental cars if the transaction is processed using one of their cards. These benefits are restricted to types of automobiles covered by the auto insurance policy.

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