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Top Tips For Short Term Car Insurance

Short term car insurance was originally conceived for the franchise motor industry and it is a valuable product that enables people to be insured to drive a specific vehicle for a very short amount of time. This can be used after purchasing a car an insurance policy takes a certain amount of time to be processed. Short term car insurance can also be used of another driver needs to be temporarily insured on a vehicle.

As with any insurance or car hire it is essential to be aware of various issues before signing on the dotted line and this article focuses on the essential things to remember when booking short term car insurance.

Remember that although you can get fully comprehensive insurance it does not necessarily mean that it covers you for every vehicle in every situation. Make sure that you clarify what the short term car insurance policy covers you for and ensure you have the difference between third party and fully comp absolutely clear. It sounds obvious but it does happen a lot.

The car that you drive must be registered with the policy before driving. Just because you have fully comprehensive short term car insurance on one vehicle, it does not mean that you can drive another vehicle. Again it is an obvious point, however if you are insured to drive a certain class of car, your insurance might not cover if you were to start driving a car of greater value.

Always check your policy carefully before driving. You have to make sure that you are clear about the liability clauses, excess limits and what your policy covers. Companies who specialise in short term car insurance often have simple and transparent policies for the period and if you need any clarification on any policy issues, make sure you contact your policy provider.

Always make a note of the dates that your policy covers. Often the short term car insurance refers to a period of between 1 and 28 days however there are other types of policy available and it is essential that you are covered whenever on the road. This is not only in case of damage to your car, but in the event of a third party being injured in an accident.

Check for any hidden surcharges and what the policy is on any extensions to your short term car insurance. The most important thing to remember that is in the eventuality of negligence on the policy holder’s behalf, many policies will be nullified. This includes instances of drink or drug driving as well as reckless behaviour behind the wheel.